Schedule a Shadow Day

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Dear Prospective SCA Parent,

We would love to have your daughter Be a STAR for a Day and witness firsthand the tremendous opportunities that await her at SCA. During her Shadow Day visit, she will sit in on classes, meet teachers, attend Mass, tour our state-of-the-art facilities, and learn more about SCA’s athletics, arts, extracurricular programs, service learning, and the sisterhood!

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Click the yellow button to schedule your Shadow Day!

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Shadow Day Quick Facts

  • Students should arrive at 9:00AM
  • Parents may drop their daughter off at the front doors or accompany them into the school. Someone from the Admissions office will be there to welcome students.
  • Pickup is at 1:30PM

What to Wear

  • Students should dress in their school uniform. If they do not have a uniform, students should wear modest/church appropriate clothing.
  • No ripped jeans, shorts, crop tops, etc.

What to Bring

  • If students bring their phones, they need to be turned off, on vibrate/silent mode and stored away. Our students are not allowed their phones during the school days.
  • Lunch is on us! If your daughter chooses though, she can bring her own lunch.
  • Sometimes classes have a test or quiz. If that is the case, students should bring something to work on, either homework or a book to read.

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