Student Fundraiser

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Pay it Forward
It’s more than 4 years…it’s for life!


About the 2023 Student Fundraiser

Each year, in an effort to “pay it forward,” our current STARS are challenged to raise money for their sisters.  Proceeds from the raffle go to tuition assistance.

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Take a Chance to win $10,000 CASH!

Grand Prize: $10,000 cash. | First Prize: $1000 | Second Prize:$500 | Third Prize: $250

Ticket Price: $10/ticket

Raffle Ticket Sales: January 31 – February 4

Drawing Date: 3/17/2023

Raffle license: R67525


Congratulations to our 2022 Winners!

Congratulations 🤩 to our lucky raffle winners! Thank you to everyone for your support of our amazing STARS as they worked together to help their sisters 💜 Winners were contacted by the school on April 11, 2022! #SCASisterhood

$10,000 Grand Prize: Meghan M.

$1,000 1st Prize: Cynthia X.

$500 2nd Prize: Rick L.

$250 3rd Prize: Elaine H.

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If you can’t find your favorite STAR and want to order raffle tickets, please: 

Call Kerry Prowse: 248-946-4848 EXT 116
Email Kerry Prowse: 

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Congratulations to our 2021 Winners!

If you missed our live drawing at the 9th Annual Benefit Gala, here are the details: CONGRATS 🤩 to our lucky raffle winners! Thank you to everyone for your support of our amazing #STARS as they worked together to help their sisters 💜 Winners will be contacted by the school! #SCASisterhood

$10,000 Grand Prize: Meghan H.

$1,000 1st Prize: Martin K.

$500 2nd Prize: Sam A.

$250 3rd Prize: Daniel A.


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