College Visit Schedule

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It’s that time of year again for college visits! College visits will be in-person for the 2022-23 school year. Visits are open to juniors & seniors. We recommend juniors and seniors attend at least 3 college visits each year. Interested students must register through SCOIR at least 1 day prior to a visit in order to attend.



Students must register through SCOIR. Counselors update the college visit calendar daily. Check SCOIR for updates. The morning of the college visit, see your counselor for a pass. For more information about colleges and universities, STARS should sign in to their SCOIR account or talk to their counselor.


College Visits

The college visits are always announced in the school’s morning announcements. A physical copy of the College Visit calendar is posted in the front window of the Counseling Office. Please have your daughter visit SCOIR for the most up-to-date calendar and to register for a visit!


Free Dress Day Pass

Juniors will receive a Free Dress Day Pass for every 5 college visits they attend (max of 2 passes). 

Seniors can receive a Free Dress Day Pass for every 3 college visits they attend (max of 2 passes).

  • Students must register through SCOIR to attend the College Visits (
  • Dress down passes can be obtained from Mrs. Tankersley
  • If there is a specific college/university you wish us to invite to SCA, please let Mrs. Tankersley know.

See Mrs. Sitto or Mrs. Tankersley if you have any questions about SCOIR or College Visits.

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