Clubs for Parents

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At St. Catherine of Siena Academy we have two clubs for our parent community!

As they have grown and added traditions, the Mom’s Club and the Dad’s Club look forward to another exciting school year. Our parents help our school community grow and thrive each year at SCA! Thank you!


The joint mission of both groups is to SHARE, SERVE, and PRESERVE.  To share the love for our faith with each other and our daughters while serving and building the community of St. Catherine of Siena Academy so that generations of young women may graduate confident in their feminine genius as daughters of God.

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2022-23 Upcoming Events

August 9 – Dad Club meets with Fall coaches

August 26 – Senior Paint the Parking Lot

September 8 – Dad Club Cornhole

September 24 – Homecoming Dance

October 21 – Boo Bash

November 1 – Poinsettias Sale

November 27 – Christmas Tree Set Up

December 21 – Red Wings Hockey Night

April 29 – Prom

May 1 – Teacher Appreciation Week


SCA Dads Club meets every 4th Thursday of the Month!

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2022-23 Upcoming Events

September 15 – Mums Sale

November 27 – Christmas Decorating Brunch & Mass

December 11 – Mother and Daughter Advent Tea

December 14 – Christmas Cookie Buffet

February 11 – Trivia Night

May 1-5 – Teacher Appreciation Week


Ladies Night Out

Nov 3 – Sip and Shop at Grande Trunke Home (6:30 – 8:30 pm)

April 21 – Wine Tasting, Whole Hearted Winery (7 pm)


General Board Meetings

October 13 – 7 pm at Twisted Cork

March 2 – 7 pm at SCA

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