Meet the Teacher Night

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Meet the Teacher Night

Virtual Style
August 27, 2020

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Welcome to the “Meet-the-Teacher” night virtual edition. We are so happy to finally introduce ourselves to you. After several days of teaching your daughters, we want to convey our utmost gratitude and appreciation for your choice to send your daughter(s) to St. Catherine of Siena Academy. Listed below are the course titles by department. Each course has a link to a video introduction to the class. Although these introductions are brief, we encourage you to reach out to any one of us via email with specific questions you may have. We look forward to ‘seeing’ you throughout this academic year.

Before you begin, please visit PowerSchool to view your STAR’s schedule. Then find each class below and “Meet-the-Teacher.” We hope you enjoy your evening.

God bless,
The SCA Faculty

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Course Name Teacher
AP English Language and Composition Jennifer Zbytowski
AP English Literature & Composition Dr. Laura Lovasz
British Literature Dr. Laura Lovasz
Classical Mythology Nicholas Mantia
Contemporary Literature Dr. Laura Lovasz
English 9 – Foundations of Lit. Honors Jill Kara
English 9 – Foundations of Literature Jill Kara
English 10 – American Literature Jennifer Zbytowski
English 10 – American Literature Honors Jennifer Zbytowski
Women in Literature Jill Kara

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Course Name Teacher
Algebra Essentials Julie Rzepka
Algebra I Claire Jackowski
Algebra II Connie Shallal
Algebra II Paul Davidson
Algebra II Honors Paul Davidson
AP Calculus AB Brendan Cornelissen
Calculus Brendan Cornelissen
Geometry Connie Shallal
Personal Finance Paul Davidson
Pre-Calculus Brendan Cornelissen
Pre-Calculus Honors Brendan Cornelissen
Test Taking Math Prep Course Brendan Cornelissen
Test Taking Math Prep Course Paul Davidson

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Course Name Teacher
Anatomy & Physiology Dr. Lucia Eisner-Smerage
AP Biology Dr. Lucia Eisner-Smerage
AP Chemistry Katie Brandt
AP Physics C Claire Jackowski
Astronomy Brittany Ciarelli
Biology Brittany Ciarelli
Biology Honors Dr. Lucia Eisner-Smerage
Biomedical Ethics Dr. Lucia Eisner-Smerage
Chemistry Katie Brandt
Chemistry Honors Katie Brandt
Environmental Science Brittany Ciarelli
Forensic Science Judy Hehs
Intro to Health Occupations Dr. Lucia Eisner-Smerage
Physics Claire Jackowski
Physics Honors Claire Jackowski

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Course Name Teacher
Theology 9: Jesus Christ: True God and True Man Anneke Houbeck
Theology 10 – Church History Evan Pham
Theology 11 – Moral Theology Amanda Mary Yasi
Theology 12 – Prayer and Discernment Anneke Houbeck
Theology 12: Apologetics Evan Pham
Theology 12: Mariology Amanda Mary Yasi
Theology 12: Sacred Scripture and Art Barbara Kirwan

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Course Name Teacher
AP U.S. History Daniel Bumpus
AP US Government & Politics Orrin Tibbits
Civics (Government) Orrin Tibbits
Current Events Daniel Bumpus
Intro to Philosophy Barbara Kirwan
Law & Justice Orrin Tibbits
U.S. History Daniel Bumpus
Ancient World: Greece Keith Shafer
World History Annette Schwartz
World History Honors Orrin Tibbits

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Course Name Teacher
AP Studio Art Ashley Klee
Artworks Ashley Klee
Drama I Jill Kara
Drawing & Painting Ashley Klee
Music Technology & Composition I Christopher Tabaczynski
Ceramics Ashley Klee
Symphonic Band Christopher Tabaczynski
Treble IIA (Choir) Christopher Tabaczynski
Yearbook Brittany Ciarelli

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Course Name Teacher
Personal Fitness Julie Czopek
Physical Education Julie Czopek
Team Sports Julie Czopek

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Course Name Teacher
Ancient World: Greece Keith Shafer
Latin I Nicholas Mantia
Latin II Keith Shafer
Latin III Honors Nicholas Mantia
Latin IV Honors Keith Shafer

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Course Name Teacher
Leadership Katie Brandt
Mastery Skills I Julie Rzepka
Online Learning Lab Hutham Tankersley | Christopher Tabaczynski