• Easter Wednesday

    Easter Wednesday

    Wednesday, April 15 “Did not our hearts burn while he opened to us the Scriptures” Why was it difficult for the disciples to recognize the risen Lord? Jesus’ death scattered his disciples and shattered their hopes and dreams. They had hoped that he was the one to redeem Israel. They saw the cross as defeat and could not comprehend the empty tomb until the Lord Jesus appeared to them and gave them understanding.

  • Easter Monday

    Easter Monday

    Monday, April 13 Are you prepared to meet the Risen Lord? The disciples were as unprepared for his resurrection as they were for his death. The empty tomb made them fearful, yet joyful, at the same time. “Where did they put the body?” Or, “Did he really rise just as he predicted?” Even though Jesus had spoken to them before of his death and rising, they could not believe until they saw the empty tomb and met the risen Lord.