• Why All Girls?

    Why All Girls?

    Why All Girls? To help remind families how an all girls’ school will engage, challenge, inspire, and prepare their daughter, here’s a list of the top ten reasons to attend an all-girls school supported by research:

  • SCA Christmas Concert

  • 2nd Sunday of Advent

    2nd Sunday of Advent

    Second Sunday of Advent Today’s Gospel Acclamation (Luke 3:4-6) makes a simple declaration: “Prepare the way of the Lord.” And in today’s Gospel (Mark 1:1-8), we are shown the appearance of John the Baptist in the desert, sent to prepare our hearts for the coming of Jesus Christ.   John’s role in scripture can really be described as “preparer.” He called people to repentance for the forgiveness of their sins. His invitation is for us to transform our lives to that we can recognize God when he comes in human form. What must I do to prepare my heart for Jesus? This time of Advent provides us with a chance for reconciliation, a time to cleanse our hearts and to seek forgiveness.  

  • Advent Vlog by Fr. Elmer, Week 2 Advent Reflection

    Advent Vlog by Fr. Elmer, Week 2 Advent Reflection

    This week Fr. Elmer reminds our STARS that they will shine brightly in our dark world if they take their light from Jesus’ star, the star of Bethlehem.

  • 1st Sunday of Advent, Advent Wreath Blessing

    1st Sunday of Advent, Advent Wreath Blessing

    Advent Wreath Blessing, 1st Sunday of Advent First Sunday of Advent Today is the first Sunday of Advent, when we begin preparing ourselves for the birth of Jesus. I will be the first to admit that when the Hallmark Channel starts showing Christmas-themed movies in July and 100.3 WNIC starts to play Christmas music on November 1, I’m right there. I find comfort in those.

  • Advent Vlog by Fr. Elmer

    How should you prepare for His coming? Spend a few minutes listening to Fr. Elmer speak of the importance of preparing for Advent.